H.E.L.G.O. e.V. in Germany

H.E.L.G.O. e.V. is a charitable organisation in compliance with German law. The help of many people in Germany enable us to sustain and advance our social work in Kolkata - their donations and especially the long-term commitment of many supporting members of our organisation is invaluable.


A board of five honorary members is heading the organization, organising events and fundraising in Germany, setting the general strategy of the Child Labour Project and supervising how the donations are spent in the projects in India.


To implement the Child Labour Project, providing education to children of especially deprived families, we partner with an Indian NGO: Samaritan Help Mission. In addition, we stay in close contact with several local NGOs for mutual cooperation.


Our key values

  1. Active involvement is central:
    Precondition for the support of a child is the willingness to follow his/her school education with dedication.
  2. Giving back:
    Everyone receiving help from H.E.L.G.O. should in return support the social work of the organization to the best of his/her abilities.
  3. Help to help themselves:
    Our goal is to enable the children to take life into their own hands without depriviation.
  4. Quality before quantity:
    We only admit new children if we can take care of them in a personal way.
  5. Administration and social work are connected:
    With the exception of the financial accounting all administrative staff is also directly involved into the work with the children.
  6. 100% of donations go towards the local social work:
    All administrative tasks of the German organization H.E.L.G.O. e.V. are done on a honorary basis keeping the overheads to a bare minimum (2009 and 2010: 2.8%, 2011: 2.4%, 2012: 3.1%).

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